What Does this mean for your business?

Simply put, Google intends to reward websites that are responsive that offer a good user experience when viewed on a mobile device; conversely, websites that are not mobile-friendly will be ranked below those that are Responsive (this applies to searches on mobile devices).

As 60% of all web searches are now via a mobile device (phones and tablets have overtaken desktops as the primary search device) it follows that mobile-friendliness would increasingly factor in Google’s page rank prioritization. Don't be alarmed.  There are a surprising amount of high profile websites that have not updated their web presence to reflect this change.  Even the bbc only recently updated their website to reflect the shift towards viewing web content on mobile devices.

What should you do?

During the Beijing Olympics in the summer of 2008 only 3% of people viewing it did so on a mobile device.  Four years later almost 70% of people viewing the London Olympics did so on a mobile device - this growth is only set to get higher in the coming years.

We would recommend you view this as an opportunity to represent your business in this hugely exciting marketing channel and possibly gain a competitive edge by embracing Responsive web design.

Consider letting us help. Click on the link below and contact us for an informal chat - you may be surprised at some of the benefits going Responsive can bring to your business.

You can find out very quickly and easily what Google thinks about your site from a mobile device perspective by clicking here now...
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