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BBC News switches PC users to responsive site

The desktop version of the BBC News website has been switched off, and all visitors are now being directed to a newer, responsive design.

The new site adapts its layout depending on what type of device it is being used on, be it a desktop PC, tablet or mobile.

The BBC said the move reflected the change in how the majority of visitors were consuming their news.

Responsive Web is Recommended By Google

Google has announced that from April 2015 companies with a mobile friendly website will be favoured in the search results.

As smartphone and tablet adoption rapidly increases, so does the importance of mobile-friendly websites.

If Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a core component of your digital marketing strategy, having a mobile–friendly website is becoming essential. 

One Website, Many Devices

One of the most appealing aspects of responsive web design is that a responsive website can provide a great user-experience across many devices and screen sizes. This is an important characteristic, since it is impossible to anticipate all the devices and screen sizes searchers will use to access your site

Six Undeniable Reasons Why Your Website Should 
Be Responsive

It’s probably no surprise by now that mobile internet usage has been sky-rocketing over the last few years. Mobile internet usage now exceeds desktop! Even with this compelling evidence, the vast majority of business websites are still not mobile-friendly. This is not only causing a headache for users, but also a loss in business opportunity.

Why One Small Business Thinks Your Small
Business Needs to Have It

Five years ago a small business was ahead of the curve if it had a nicely designed website. Now a small business has the opportunity to punch above its weight by capitalising on the ever increasing mobile market. A Cisco report shows mobile data traffic up a staggering 81% in 2013 alone as more and more consumers use different types of devices to browse the Internet, web design site, Wingman Planning says every small business needs their website to be easily accessible on multiple platforms.

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