Bluetooth Marketing

What is Bluetooth Marketing?

Bluetooth marketing is a form of Proximity mobile marketing that allows businesses to send adverts to mobile/cell phones for free. This is achieved using an Ad-Pod which is a dedicated Bluetooth and Wifi sending device that enables the Free transfer of content between mobile devices using the Bluetooth and Wifi signal. The transfer of the adverts is free for both the sender and receiver.

The Ad-Pod product suite enables you to send all manner of digital content from animated images or videos to redeemable coupons. This type of interactive advertising allows you to engage with your customers using rich media to drive more traffic and footfall to your website or business. 

Outdoor advertising is simple with an Ad-Pod because it can be used on the move, enabling you to take your business promotion to large outdoor events such as exhibitions and concerts.

What exactly does this mean!

Below: View of Ad content delivered to phones

To demonstrate what this means we conducted a trial with a local organisation here in Northern Ireland.  The aims of the trial were as follows:-

  • We wanted to keep it simple! 
  • We wanted it to be Passive - eg: the business didn't need to do anything!
  • The results should be measurable!

We installed a simple Bluetooth proximity device to prompt certain mobile and smart phone users within a 30 metre range of it, to get a message from the Saint Patrick Centre in Downpatrick.  The message simply asked if they wanted to take delivery of some pushed content in the form of a short animated advertisement to their phone. 

What Happened?

The Ad Pod device messaged close to 60,000 phone users over a period of 12 months during working hours of the Saint Patrick Centre when the device was switched on.

Only non Apple phones were messaged using Bluetooth as iPhones do not facilitate push messaging by Bluetooth.

Of the 60,000 people who viewed the message sent from the device close to 7,000 actually agreed to take the content and had an animated gif advertisement sent to their phone.


An Ad-pod can operate 24/7 365 days of the year.  It's like having a promotions team handing out flyers except it works 24 hours a day, never needs a lunch break, and it never asks to be paid!

A digital flyer (advert) produced by an Ad-pod is opt-in based, it is NOT spam. Opt in advertising is permission based advertising. 

Unlike email spam which you receive without ever requesting, a bluetooth advert requires the recipient to agree to receive it, therefore the potential customer is giving permission and agreeing to opt in to your advertising campaign.

A feature of an Ad-pod is that it can opt a phone into a text service. This is useful to get people to opt into mailing lists and competitions or other campaigns just like you see in the newspapers and on TV where you are asked to text a message to a premium rate number.

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